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Feelings and Motivation

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    The following questions concern your feelings about your language learning experience.

    1)                   Many language learners feel very negative about their learning experiences.  They say they feel discouraged, frustrated, impatient, or confused by the difficulties of learning a language. 

    Have you ever experienced any of these feelings?  Can you explain? 

    2)         Others say they feel shy or embarrassed expressing themselves in the foreign language.   

    Have you ever felt this way?    Can you explain?

                4)         If you have experienced some of these feelings, what did you do to overcome them?      

    3)         When you are learning a language, are you usually:   

    a.      highly motivated, and do everything possible to learn the language.

    b.      quite motivated, and try to do what you can to learn the language, but it is not your priority.

    c.      not very motivated, because you are too busy or tired to concentrate on it.  You are learning out of necessity.

    d.      not very motivated, because you find learning languages boring. 

    6)                   Do you give yourself encouragement, by saying things to yourself like: “I’m doing okay” or “I’m right, I know it.”

    Do you have any other comments about your language learning experiences that you would like to tell me?

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