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Comprehension Questions Part 12

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    امکانات وب

    برچسب ها


     1-After long wakefulness we are made angry, often confused and even mentally disturbed for this reason after long wakefulness we should not…….

    1) relax                         2) drive                         3) drink        4) rest

      2- A terrible earthquake occurred in Tabas in 1356. According to the above sentence the earthquake happened……..

    1)in the late 50’s     2) a century ago     3) in the early 50’s      4) in the 13th century

     3-The future of the country was very important to the president. Therefore, he encouraged people to think about their country first and their own interests second. According to the above sentences………

    1)                we should prefer the nation’s interests to ours.

    2)                the president was thinking only about his own interests

    3)                the future of the country depended on our second interests.

    4)                the president was more important than the future of the country.

       4-One will hardly enjoy a trip to England unless he knows English well.

    1)By taking a trip to England, one will certainly learn English well.

    2)                Without knowing English well, one won’t enjoy a trip to England.

    3)                One will enjoy a trip to England, without knowing English well.

    4)                Without taking a trip to England, one will enjoy knowing English well.

       5- How did you go to school?

    1) At eight                    2) on foot             3) to study                     4) very late


    برای هر یک از جاهای خالی در متن زیر (شماره‌های 6 تا 10 ) گزینه صحیح را انتخاب کنید.

    Sport and games are very useful for many purposes. They make our bodies strong and ..6.. us from getting too fat, and keep us ….7.. But these are not their only ..8.. . They give us valuable ..9.. in making eyes, brain , and muscle ..10… together. So sports should not be treated only as amusements.

     6- 1) avoid                      2) award                3) prevent            4) protect

    7-1) aware                     2) healthy                  3)safe               4) worthy

       8- 1) causes                   2) exercises                3) reasons           4) uses

      9- 1)activity                    2)condition              3) desire               4) practice

     10- 1) fill                        2) help               3) work                         4) view


    با توجه به متن زیر پاسخ سوالهای 11 تا 14 را انتخاب کنید.

    Some people think that sport and games are not important things to do. They prefer going to the cinema, listening to the radio or sleeping. But sports and games should not be considered just an amusement, they are very necessary specially for those who work with their brains. Sports and games make our bodies strong, prevent us from getting too fat, and keep us healthy. But these are not their only uses, they are very useful for character training. In their lessons at school, boys and girls learn about the usefulness of working together discipline and love of one’s country, but what is learn in books can not have the same deep effect on a child’s character as what is learned by experience. A student who learns to work for his team and not for himself on a football field will find it natural to work for the good of his country instead of only his own advantage.

     11-According to the passage playing sports and games is …..for people who work with their brains.

    1) an amusement                                   2) not important

    3) waste of time                                         4) very necessary

     12- Those who do sports and games are usually…..than other people.

    1) fatter and taller                                  2) stronger and healthier

    3) thinner and weaker                            4) younger and happier

    n                   13- In order to educate children better and more efficiently they……

    1)                should hate playing games and sports

    2)                should only study their lessons at school

    3)                shouldn’t be prevented from playing

    4)                shouldn’t be prevented from any amusement

    n                   14-What a student learns by experience when playing a game…..

    1)                doesn’t have any effect on his character

    2)                is more important than what he learns in books.

    3)                is less important than what he learns in books.

    4)                may have bad effect on his character.


    برای هر یک از جاهای خالی در متن زیر کدام گزینه‌ از شماره‌های 15 تا 19 صحیح است؟

    The art of conversation and the habit of reading and writing are dying. People are ..15.. more and more lookers and ..16.. and less doers and talkers. This can only..17.. the individual. It is ..18.. to do something not very well oneself ..19.. always to sit and watch others doing it.

     15- 1) becoming         2) believing              3) amusing               4) enjoying

     16- 1) translators            2) writers               3) listeners               4) readers

    17- 1) hurt                                  2) hire               3) hold              4) hope

     18- 1) best                 2) better        3) worse                       4) worthy

     19- 1) then         2) from                         3) than              4) of

    با توجه به متن زیر پاسخ سوالهای 20 تا 23 را انتخاب کنید.

    In the winter of 1972 an airplane hit the side of a mountain in Switzerland at a 2:00 in the morning. The people in the nearby town thought somebody was still alive because they could see a small fire through their binoculars so when the sun  came up in the morning the men in the town began to climb up the mountain. Not all men were good climbers. Some didn’t have climbing boots and couldn’t climb easily on the icy part of the mountain others didn’t have heavy gloves so they returned to the town.

    From the town the people  could not see the fire anymore because the mountain was now behind heavy snow clouds. Soon it began to snow heavily in the town and the women began to worry about the men on the mountain. The men finally got to the top of the mountain and found the pilot of the plane. He had a broken leg and was sitting beside the fire, waiting for help to come.

     20- It’s understood from the passage that it was .…when the airplane hit the mountain.

    1) cloudy           2) dark              3) snowy                       3) sunny

     21- When the men climbed to the top of the mountain, they found the pilot…….. .

    1) alive                    2) asleep              3) dying                        3) dead

       22- The people couldn’t have saved the pilot of the airplane if he hadn’t ……..

    1) broken his leg            2) been waiting 3) been awake              3) built a fire

      23- The men climbed up the mountain as soon as……….

    1) snowy clouds covered the mountain    2) some of the climbers returned to the town

    3) the sun rose and the day began           4) the women in the town began to worry

      24- A: You have given me the wrong change.

          B: ………

    1) I’m awfully sorry.                              2) Here you are.

    3) That’s all right.                                  4) You’re welcome.

      25- A: How often do you visit your uncle?

           B: …..

    1)Three times a week.                           2) Yesterday evening.

    3) At half past seven.                            4) Because he’s sick.


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