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12. A Young Girl Knows How

She is six years old. She knows how to walk. She knows how to run. She knows how to swim. She knows how to play soccer. She knows how to ride a horse. She knows how to walk her dog. She knows how to read. She knows how to write.

13. A Baby Goes to Sleep

Thebaby crawls on the floor. It stops. Then it crawls some more. Then itstops again. Mama looks at the baby. She picks up the baby. She carriesthe baby to the crib. She puts the baby in the crib. She puts a blanketon the baby. The baby falls asleep.


14. He Eats a Candy Bar

Hepicks up the candy bar. He reads the label. The label says Baby Ruth. He unwraps the candy bar. He throws the wrapper into the trashcan. Hebites into the candy bar. He chews it. He swallows it. He bites into thecandy bar again. It is delicious. He loves candy bars.


15. A Backpack and a Bus

Itis time to go to school. He puts his books into his backpack. He putshis arms through the straps. He puts his backpack on his back. He walksoutside. He goes to the bus stop. He stands at the bus stop. He waitsfor the bus. He sees the bus.

16. An Airplane in the Sky

The boy hears a sound. He looks up. He sees an airplane. The airplane is in the sky. It is a silver airplane. It has two wings. It has a tail. It has two jet engines. There is a pilot on the airplane. He flies the airplane. He lands the airplane.


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